The Music Ensemble
The ensemble performs with energy, enthusiasm and commitment. We love to shine.

Music Directors - Janette and Vonny
Our Music Directors have wonderful skills in a variety of ways: they choose songs that inspire the soul, brings joy to vocal production, taps into the emotions, and leaves us wanting more! Together they are an amazing duet.

Music Director - Janette
Janette has an appreciation of music in its various forms. The variety and scope keeps us on our toes. Fun intervals, fun breathing, fun practicing .... and then performing.

Music Director - Vonny
Vonny is a mover and shaker, literally, whether directing, or designing dance moves to complement a performance. Fun moves, fun practicing, .... and then performing.

Together they create a wonderful atmosphere of enjoyment. We keep coming back for more!

Section Leaders
Bass Section Leader - Rosemary
Rosemary is an amazing woman. In retirement she has taken up the piano and has excelled. Sometimes we have the pleasure of her musicality in the form of a mini concert. How wonderful!

Baritone Section Leader - Bronwyn
Bronwyn is one of the original members of Out of the Blue. Bronwyn has a wonderful sense of humour which cracks up the ensemble. Bronwyn harmonizes beautifully and resonantly.

Lead Section Leader - Helen
Helen provides sustenance for various functions such as tea, coffee, milk, and bikkies. Very much appreciated by all. A quiet achiever. Giving assistance as required. "Things" just get done.

Tenor Section Leader - Enola
Enola is one of the original members of Out of the Blue and currently sings high notes. A person who likes to extend her skill base.

Music Librarian - Lucy
Lucy is our music librarian. The woman in charge of the sheet music and copyright. The woman who disseminates the sheet music to the ensemble. The woman who sings beautifully in the upper echelons. Brilliant.

Out of the Blue Singers
The women that we are...create wonderful experiences.